I've been interviewed for a great cartooning site. You can see answers to some questions on cartooning at David-Wasting-Paper: Kevin Spear - Cartoonist Survey #118.

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Kevin Spear

Cartoon: Better Cooks

Cartoon of a couple talking to a pastor. The man says, "We decided to come here when we heard your church has better cooks."

I drew this for the "CHOGnews" February, 2010 issue. You can find the newsletter at this link.

Illustration Friday: Adrift

Illustration Friday: Adrift, originally uploaded by speartoons.
Cartoon of cat and dog on and iceberg. Dog says, “On the bright side, at least the snow has melted.”

When this week's word, "adrift," came up for Illustration Friday, I thought of all the snow in my backyard and my poor pets. They have had a hard time with the snow. And Indiana hasn't gotten the kind of snow that has assaulted the east coast. We've had only a small taste of Snowmageddon.

I drew this in Adobe Illustrator CS2

Comic: Snowman Disaster

Cartoon of  girl and snowman. Girl says, “So maybe the hot tub was a bad idea.”

There's lots of snow here this week. Snow people have been sprouting everywhere. There are certain things these new citizens should not enjoy. Hot tubs are one of many potential hazards for the common snow individual. Be sure to warn them.

I drew this in Adobe Illustrator CS2

Comic: Cat Backpack

Cartoon of a boy with a cat on his back. Boy says, "I grabbed him in the dark. I thought he was my backpack."

Cases of mistaken identity can happen all the time when it's dark and the middle of winter. I just checked and I am happy to say I wore the same color socks today.

If you ever catch me with a weird combination of socks or a cat on my back, I'll just say it is a fashion statement. I would advise you to do the same.

I drew this in Adobe Photoshop.