An Elephant decides

The theme for Illustration Friday this week is "Tales and Legends." I took liberty with "tales" and, well, I made it "Legends and tails."

In the USA, there are tales and legends about who will win Florida's Republican Primary.

The symbol for the Republicans is the elephant. Has the elephant forgotten who to vote for or can he decide? Either way, it should be fun to watch tonight.

Lunch with my sketchbook

SB0801_pg76, originally uploaded by speartoons.

Here's a page right out of my sketchbook. Now you see how this strange mind of mine works.

Kevin Spear


Rejoice, originally uploaded by speartoons.

This morning, I was thinking about new year's resolutions and the frivolity that goes with new year celebrations. It doesn't take too much for reality to set in.

It take a little work to rejoice after the new year joy.

How's your new year resolutions going?

Serenading Cat

Serenading-Cat, originally uploaded by speartoons.

Sometimes you have to let your music out--even if it's in the middle of the night. Too bad your neighbors never totally agree with your timing.

Illustration Friday: Stitch

Illustration Friday: Stitch, originally uploaded by speartoons.

Here's a nice, family portrait of everyone's favorite monster. Did the stitch come from Victor Frankenstein himself, or was it that touch football game he was in back in October? You'll have to ask him.