Illustration Friday: The Blues

My daughter has brought home a nice, little puppy. It's a little furball of energy.

The cat has reacted better than I thought. He hasn't been violent, though you can tell kitty has the blues.

Kids Birthday cards

Here are the finished illustrations I did for Warner Press' line of kids birthday cards.

Most everything was done in Adobe Illustrator. I then exported it into Adobe Photoshop for the finishing touches and the type.

Dreams Work

My pastor, Jim Lyon at Madison Park Church of God, had a great sermon based on Genesis 37:18-20.

When a dream comes from God, it will prevail, despite our stumbling and balking.

Here are my notes.

Roughs-Kids Birthday Cards

I am working on some birthday cards for Warner Press. Here are the pencil roughs.

We are planning on making this for ages 5-8.

Baseball Player

I'm playing around with Adobe Illustrator. Here's a loose watercolor technique. I'm thinking I like this better than the loose one I did yesterday. There is something about outlines I like. Must be the cartoonist in me.

Goes without Saying

Here's a loose illustration I made while thinking of the cliché, "Goes without saying."

Trip to the Doctor

I had to take the trip to the doctor, yesterday. I had a sore throat, felt run-down and icky.

The doctor said there was a lot of that going around. I found out it wasn't streph and was shipped back into the real world.

One great advantage of all this was I got to draw a modern doctor's office. You never know when this setting will come in handy.

Illustration Friday: Momentum

Momentum can be a dangerous thing, my friend, and gravity is the number one consumer of momentum. There's some education for you today!