Illustration Friday: Moon

I've been to a bowling alley where they offer cosmic bowling. It's when the disco and black lights come out.

The man on the moon looks more like a bowling ball, to me. That's what cosmic bowling will do to you.

Real Reality TV

If reality TV really was as real as real-life, would anybody want to watch it?

As I passed by a TV last night, of those bachelor/bachelorette shows was on. It looked more like a game show than reality TV.

Now if you watch a show about Uncle Bert watching TV, I would call that reality TV.

Illustration Friday: Poem

Does anybody still serenade? What about a poem on a midsummer's night?

It has to be a good poem. something that sparks romance, yet is harmless enough so it doesn't inspire the dad to call the dogs on you.

Ah romance! I think I'll go read a James Whitcomb Riley poem.

Illustration Friday: Discovery

When the word for this week was "Discovery," I thought of a project I did for the Wesleyan Church kid's division about thirteen years ago.

I updated this illustration a little and added some shading. I couldn't leave well enough alone. Still, it's pretty much what the original illustration looked like.

Illustration Friday: Geeky

If laptops were around thirty-five years ago, this probably would have been be. No, not the girl with the laptop, I would have been the boy looking over her shoulder and wishing I could use it.

I lived vicariously through others. Just ask my brother. I convinced him to by the comic books so I could read them.

Illustration Friday: Twist

When I heard of this week's theme, I thought of a twisty ice cream cone. The next thing I knew, I saw the torch of Lady Liberty. Quite fitting for Independence Day.

It may be a heavily American theme, but that's what's on my mind this week. Happy July 4th!