Illustration Friday: Remember

My kids love the time at the beach. My son has a bag of shells he collected from our last trip. They always bring back good memories.

Church moving countdown

Our church is getting ready to move into a new building this June. My boss is writing an article for our church newsletter. She asked if I could create a cartoon to go with it.

Here are the sketches in my book

And here is the final cartoon. Caption reads: "He is counting down the days until we move into the new church."

Sketch Diary 4/23/07

Just Miscellaneous thoughts. It's scary what goes through a mind in the afternoon. These are caffeine free too!

Illustration Friday: Polar

Yes, this is a different one for me. I've been exploring some other illustration techniques with PhotoShop.

When the topic for Illustration Friday was announced, I thought of bi-polar disorder instead of the polar caps. Emotions can turn so quickly can't they? I don't want to live purely by my emotions. There has to be a balance, but it is better to do the right thing than doing what feels right.


I was playing around with a sketch. This has a little more shading, than I typically. Once in a while, it's good to shake up the technique a little.

Now the pew joke... that is another matter. It was funny when I was seven, but I'm corny that way.

At a kids' School Musical

I was doing some sketching while a kids musical was about to begin. These guys didn't quite want to sit until the event was underway. Who wants to sit when that's what you have been doing all day?


Today, my pastor talked about the hypocrisy we can all be guilty of if we live purely by following a rule book and without grace. Sooner or later, we're going to mess up. Then we pretend we are "living right" instead of admitting we fall short. Next thing you know, we're judging others and looking down on them instead of admitting we're just as bad.

So I'll say it right now: I goof up. I fall short. There! That feels better!

Illustration Friday: Fortune

This week’s theme for Illustration Friday is “Fortune.”

When I thought of the word, fortune, two things came to mind; children are more valuable than any amount of cash and the time we spend with them is priceless.

Some of the best times I've had with my kids were reading to them. It was a thrill to see how they would react to a new book. Now, when they wanted to read the same book for the fiftieth time, well, that got a little old!

Even if they wanted the same book, there was something special about reading to my kids. It's something nobody can get from watching television.

Today, when I see my kids reading to themselves, I think about the times before they could read and how much they have changed. Kids are a blessing... and they're worth a fortune!

Singing praises

The kids were watching “American Idol” last night. Singing can be a hazardous activity. Always be sure to take adequate precautions!

Green with Envy

I was thinking a little more about green and thought about the clich√©, “green with envy.”

It's funny how when you are envious or jealous, you are at your least attractive. If someone is jealous of another's affection, the jealousy repels the other person instead of attracting them. Isn't life just full of paradoxes?

When I was still dating, it wasn't until I gave up trying to find that special someone was when my wife and I met. Like my momma said, "Stop trying so hard!"

Illustration Friday: Green

Caption reads: “Maybe I should have dyed the Easter eggs a different color.”

As cold as things are in Indiana, I'm wondering if Easter eggs wouldn't show up if we just stuck to white? I wasn't this cold as Christmas time. I've heard of a three dog night. This is a cat-in-the-lap sort of day. Across the country, this will be the first season of Easter egg hunts that will involve mittens, snowmen and hot chocolate.


Ties and floppy hats

Caption reads: “It’s only fair. If boys have to wear ties on Easter, girls have to wear the floppy hats.”

So much of Easter centers around clothes. There's "Sunday best" and then there's "Easter's best." Floppy hats at Easter are the equivalent to ties. Neither have much of a use except to dress up that already new and flashy outfit.

Word of advice to the guys: don't take a hat to church, especially if it's a baseball cap. The ladies get offended when you are upstaging them.

Easter in Indiana

Caption reads: Macey tries out her Easter dress in the middle of a Midwestern, United States spring.

Yesterday, it was 77°f here (25°c). A cold front moved through. We have a chance of snow flurries among the cold, gusty winds. Sunday promises to have a high of only 43°f (6°c). I'm going to feel sorry for all the ladies and girls in Easter dresses! Hang on, there! spring is coming, it's just hidden right now.

Kids Prayer Request Card

Here's an illustration I've done this morning for Warner Press. It's for a prayer card. In July, you can have a prayer card for the kids in your pew.

This artwork is property of Warner Press. Do not reproduce in any way without their permission.

David Liverett publishes a line of cards

One of the illustrators we work with at Warner Press has a feature in our local paper. The article is "Local Illustrator Published Second Series of Greeting Cards."

David Liverett is a neat guy. I've known him since college and gave me some good advice back then on how to tackle the illustration market.

My work is nowhere detailed as my stuff. He is into realism and does a spectacular job rendering old barns and lighthouses. He also has a few books on the market featuring his work.

Post Vacation Stress

Caption reads: “I’m suffering from PVSD: Post Vacation Stress Disorder.”

Whew! I'm not looking forward to waking the kids this morning. The well-oiled machine will squeaky this morning. It was hard enough getting everyone to bed last night. Our biological clocks think it is still vacation. Oh, Florida! How we miss ye!

It was a great time for the family. Now back to reality!