Today, my pastor talked about the hypocrisy we can all be guilty of if we live purely by following a rule book and without grace. Sooner or later, we're going to mess up. Then we pretend we are "living right" instead of admitting we fall short. Next thing you know, we're judging others and looking down on them instead of admitting we're just as bad.

So I'll say it right now: I goof up. I fall short. There! That feels better!


potatomamma said...

hi kevin

i like your comics, and it's so cool that you have books published - one of my dreams one day =)

do you have a tip for someone who's trying to get into children's book illustration? something you'd do better if you had to start over? appreciate it!

thanks for your comment on my blog!

regarding this post: don't be too hard on your self, i'm sure you're an okay person =)

Robert McLaughlin said...

I like your thoughts on hypocrisy. As a Christian in the transition process from legalism to grace I can relate to this post.