Glasses and vision

Caption: “I wear glasses because without a vision, the people perish.”

Proverbs 29:18 has stuck in my mind since I first heard it as a child. We need some sort of goal or vision, don't we? Otherwise, what else do we have to do with our lives?

Finding Enemies to Love

Caption: “I learned I need to love my enemies. And lucky you, are the closest thing I have to one!”

"Enemies" is such a strong word for me. Enemies sound like someone is ready to blow me up or engage me in a sword deal on my way to work. Sure, people get on my nerves. I get on people's nerves. Perhaps that's the closest I come to loving an enemy. I better get started.

A block of mercy

Caption: "Can I show mercy after I knock his block off?"

Mercy can be hard, can't it? It's especially hard with siblings. The only time siblings feel like giving mercy is when they are the ones in need of it. Just ask my siblings. I got much more mercy than I deserve. Wait a minute... you can't earn mercy, can you?

Psalm 36:5-7

When I read Psalm 36 this morning, the words just inspired me to doodle away.

Illustration Friday: Gravity

It's slushy and icy around here. I almost lost it on the ice this morning. But recovered. Let's just hope the old back holds out.

Modern Homework Excuses

Boy to teacher: "The computer scanner ate my report."

I remember only one time when I messed up on getting my homework done. The teacher made sure it never happened again. My ears are still ringing from the tongue lashing she gave me.

The nice thing about technology is it gives a whole new range of excuses. But don't bet on getting away with them!

Snow switch

The snow was bad enough here to close the schools yesterday, today and tomorrow. However, if this wasn't the case, I wonder if my son would have a similar conversation tomorrow as he waited for the bus.

IF: Crash

We have a blizzard warning in Indiana today (February 13, 2007). Everyone is staying put and watching the snow pummel us. As soon as the wind and the snow dies down, I'm sure my kids will try to get out there and have some fun. After all, school is closed. I can just imagine this scene happening somewhere in the Midwestern US today.

If you live in colder, snowy climates, do you remember the time you transitioned from loving the snow because of all the fun things to do and dreading it because you would have to drive in it? I remember the first time I drove in freezing rain. I tapped the brakes and my car immediately made a 180 degree turn. It scared me to death. I wanted to leave the car where it was, grab a sled and forget the whole driving thing.

Illustration Friday: Sprout

This week's theme for Illustration Friday is "Sprout." Yesterday, I heard Punxsutawney Phil didn't see his shadow so we'll have an early spring.

Can I believe Phil? As I'm writing this it's snowing and sixteen degrees Fahrenheit with a wind chill of 0. Did I mention it's snowing?

I'm ready for this little guy to sprout. It's a plus if he doesn't see his shadow.