Retirement Card Final

This is how the illustration looked after I exported it from Adobe Illustrator to PhotoShop.

I was able to add the shadow and highlight details in there. In addition, I was able to add some stars and add some bush and grass details.

A few months ago, I did all my art in Illustrator. But now I'm finding Illustrator and PhotoShop work together and give me a richer illustration.

I printed the finished file at 14" x 22". I used an 18" x 22" poster board and folded it like a greeting card. Everyone at work will sign the inside of the card.

Retirement Card Color

This is how the illustration looks today. I am applying the color in Adobe Illustrator.

The pencil rough is still on top of the finished file. I make the pencil rough transparent and trace my work like I am drawing on a light table.

I eliminated outlines in the background. Tomorrow, I'll work on the face details and possibly export it to PhotoShop for the details.

Retirement Card

A beloved lady at work is retiring next month. I've been asked to make an oversize retirement card.
Here is my pencil rough. I plan to block out the color in Adobe Illustrator.

Illustration Friday: Camoulflage

When people move into a critter's environment, some of them learn to adjust. This moth has done it nicely.

Pizza Eater

I took the pizza eater illustration from the previous post and polished it up. Mark my word, I'll be eating pizza tomorrow for lunch.

Making Decisions

I did a sketch of my daughter then scribbled a few cartoons. Making decisions and eating seem to be on my mind. I doubt I would really eat something that was looking back at me.

Diving Goldfish

My daughter is at camp this week, so I dashed off a little postcard for her. I never know if mail from home helps or just makes them homesick. I try to make them as silly as possible. For kids, you can't go wrong with animal humor.

I'm hoping when she's not in the pool, she is staying dry. We had some rain this morning. The goldfish didn't seem to mind it, though.

Illustration Friday: Rejection

When the word the week was "rejection," I thought of this image. I doodled it a few weeks ago while thinking about spring break. My daughter was offended dogs weren't allowed on the beach.

Suits and Ties

I nearly flipped when I found out there was a time in the 1800's when my church considered ties worldly. After all, when I grew up, it was the non-tie wearers who were considered the worldly ones.

I don't remember what my ties look like or if they're still in my closet. Who needs one when you are going to church?

Baby Cell Bell

Insert commentary on how young kids are using technology or something about the baby bells!

Cell phone companies are going after pre-schoolers now. Can the infant market be far behind?

IF: Your Paradise

This week's theme for Illustration Friday is "Your Paradise." Paradise to me would be a library worth of books and all the time in the world to read them. It could just inspire me to write and draw a little!

An Angel visits Zechariah

This is part of the Christmas story. An angel visits Zechariah and tells him he will be a father.

Zechariah says, "How can this be true? My wife Elizabeth and I are too old to have a baby."

There are five items to find in the picture: a teddy bear, baby bottle, rattle, spoon and Bible.

This is part of "My Very Own Bulletin," and is available through Warner Press.

Angry Cat

Cats have no problem expressing their emotions.