Spear_090817a, originally uploaded by speartoons.

Sketch from sketchbook 0808. A coy boy looks at a running girl. There may be a crush going on, no?

Illustration Friday: Island

Spear, Kevin; Sketchbook 0807, page 159

These are my thoughts for Illustration Friday's word, "island". No man is an island and I didn't want to do the old, desert island cliche either!

Drawing a Day 29

Drawing a Day, 329, Kevin Spear

Here's a drawing I did in Adobe Illustrator. This is in my simple, cartoon style.

Illustration Friday: clutter

Illustration Friday: Clutter / Drawing a Day #28

Man shows clutter on the brain. I was thinking how cluttered the mind can get when there are so many things to do. The sketch was rendered in Adobe Photoshop.

Spear 3470 / Drawing a Day 27

Spear 3470 / Drawing a Day 27

I found these two characters in my sketchbook and I decided to get them out into the open. It's a good day for an alien sighting anyway.

I rendered these in Adobe Illustrator.