Last Supper Activity

Here's an illustration for "The Last Supper." You are looking for five things that are different in the two pictures.

The is from "My Very Own Bulletin," and is available from Warner Press.

Nehemiah Builds a Wall

I am working on children's bulletins right now. This is an activity I just finished for the story of Nehemiah.

This part talks about the people rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem. The activity asks you to count the number of spears and bricks in the picture.

Counting "Kevin Spear" as one of the spears doesn't count!

You can get the "My Very Own Bulletin" from Warner Press.

Memorial Day and pancakes

I caught my wife making breakfast. She likes to show love on these holiday weekends by making a nice breakfast.

Illustration Friday: Cars

When you live in Indiana, racing takes all your attention in May. Cars are a natural fit for this week's theme.

It's fun to see boys get all excited when they race cars. They can think up some original tracks. They combine racing with a theme park ride to make the ultimate car experience.

SB 0704, page 73

SB 0704, page 73, originally uploaded by speartoons.

I'm using flickr's feature and wanted to see how it works. This was a sketch I made while I was finishing my lunch. Not very cartoony, but the guy has to stretch his artistic muscles every one in a while

Gas Prices-just like everyone else

I've been busy lately, just like everyone else. And I've been complaining about gas prices, just like everyone else. I wonder if gasoline is worth its weight in gold yet?

Matching Names

This is part of an activity I just illustrated. The activity is to match a name with what each child is doing. For example, who would have the name, Rose? Hunter?

Illustration Friday: Citrus

Welcome to Planet Citrus. The surface of an orange looks like a planet to me. It comes from all those old sci-fi movies. The pre-computer generated special effects looked like an orange in the air to me. I had to compare apples to oranges in this illustration. Or is Apple taking over Citrus? Good question.

Illustration Friday: Neighbor

We are naturally curious, especially about neighbors. We ask, "What's going on over there?" The thing about kids is they are less subtle in their curiosity!

A Night at the Theater

A friend's daughter was in a play. While we were waiting for the curtain, I made some sketches of the audience.