Illustration Friday: Geeky

If laptops were around thirty-five years ago, this probably would have been be. No, not the girl with the laptop, I would have been the boy looking over her shoulder and wishing I could use it.

I lived vicariously through others. Just ask my brother. I convinced him to by the comic books so I could read them.


Ricardo Guimaraes said...

That's true!! Totally agree! Nice illustration! Congratulations!!

Nancy Bea said...

Cute! And sadly, so true. She'd rather interact with her computer than with the live person sitting next to her. I wince when I see a family out at a restaurant or whatever and when the kids get antsy they pull out a laptop or mini DVD player. The adults get the quiet but they lose out on real life interaction, and so do their kids.

Sorry to go on, your illo just reminded me of this situation!

zari.ZHM said...

The illustration is so nice...& i love the concept even more... i completely agree with you!

By the way, i know skills for an illustrator are so important...but for me the most important is the message behind it...yours have both!

Anonymous said...

Hopefully I can steer my offspring away from Geekdom. I dislike Bluetooth headsets.... actually, just the people who use them unnecessarily in public.