Illustration Friday: Twist

When I heard of this week's theme, I thought of a twisty ice cream cone. The next thing I knew, I saw the torch of Lady Liberty. Quite fitting for Independence Day.

It may be a heavily American theme, but that's what's on my mind this week. Happy July 4th!


cata said...

Really nice!
The dog is so funny!

Paola said...

Lady Liberty holding an ice-cream torch ^-^
What represents the cute dog?
Happy July 4th !

Anonymous said...

mmmmmm.... ice cream.

DQ is now calling my name...

Kevin Spear said...

Hi, Paola. The dog for me was the balance and the reason the girl needed to hold her ice cream high.

Also, I was at an ice cream shop this weekend and a dog owner was giving his pet dog safe ice cream. The people in our group were remarking how cute the dog was. I already had the thought of the ice cream torch. The dog was so enthusiastic over the ice cream, one thought led to another.

Thank you for visiting my site.


Tina Vaziri said...

So funny! I love how you've pulled it all together!

Linda said...

i love the crisp lines against the blurred backround, the concept and reasoning are awesome!

Hummie said...

Oh, I love the backrounds...makes this humorous take just pop off the page!