Growing up

My son is growing. He's taller than me now and isn't done yet. I drew a doodle and tried a few captions out. It's always good to try ten captions and pick one out of the group. Who knows! I may put this in finished form.


Anonymous said...

Although they were all funny to read, I liked #7 the best because it was most applicable to the point you are trying to get across. Makes me wonder what Bible verse would go with this. I can CERTAINLY identify with this topic! All three of my boys are taller than me and my hubby now.

Don said...

I hadn't thought of exhaustive captions liek that... I tend to take one caption and try to come up with 10 drawings. :-) I thought about asking for caption comments from eveeryone last week for "smoke" but scrapped it.

I can definately "see" these toons appearing in weekly Sunday School materials. If I get some time I'll have to tiptoe through the archives.