A true friend

Caption reads: "Only a true friend would let you know you have a duck on your head."

A real friend is one who let's you know if you have food on your face instead of letting you proudly wear it all day. That's right, a friend will tell you when you are looking like a goober. They'll say, "Excuse me, emperor, but you are wearing no clothes."

We all need a friend like that. Considering how sloppy I can be, I'm glad I have friends like that. It saves on self-inflicted humiliation!


Hummie said...

lol...okay, do you mind if I put your cartoons on my blog (giving you credit with a link here, of course).

This would go great with my newest Chicken people post...lol

You are getting more thoughtful on all your cartoons, making them more applicable, I like that.

Kevin Spear said...

Sure, Hummie. You are more than welcome to put my cartoons on your site. I drop by your site one in a while and I enjoy your wit.

Keep up the good work,