Illustration Friday: Hollow

I needed to illustrate a can drive for work, so what better way to combine business with another business?

I drew this in Adobe Illustrator CS3. I had fun on this one using the pen tool instead of the pencil or brush tool. I am finding it gives a smoother line and the paths can be edited in much the same way as you can edit a brush stroke. Sorry I'm getting all technical. I just feel geeky today.

This will be part of a clip art series. If you are interested in purchasing this image, contact Warner Press at


life without novacaine said...

Nice job with the tablet! I have yet to master that tool, I still use the ol' mouse. Fun illustration.

Theresa S. said...

Nice interpretation! I like how simple it is but also quite conceptual. Can't wait to check out the rest of the series. Keep it up!

Eric Orchard said...

Great piece! Wonderful as a design as well as an illustration.