Cartoon: Games at Work

Cartoon of husband and wife in the kitchen. The husband says, “They’re not giving me a raise, but they are letting me play this really cool game at work.”

This is a classic cartoon I did back in 1996 for the sixth edition of the "New Rider's Internet Yellow Pages."

I used to design books for a computer games book publisher. It was fun playing video games for research. Too bad I stunk at video games. I knew I was in trouble when my five-year old son started beating me!

New Rider's Publishing and me own the copyright to this image. Please do not use without permission.


Aithene said...

We used to have this wicked fast network at Microcast, but once our streaming video business went live, we weren't allowed to play anything on the network during work hours. So, the day I walked in and everyone was playing Quake, I knew something had gone horribly wrong. One more dot bomb victim.

Kiara said...

I wish I can sketch too. Indeed, children easily learn techniques on most of the Download Games/Video Games. So if adults need some practicing...