Illustration Friday: Adrift

Illustration Friday: Adrift, originally uploaded by speartoons.
Cartoon of cat and dog on and iceberg. Dog says, “On the bright side, at least the snow has melted.”

When this week's word, "adrift," came up for Illustration Friday, I thought of all the snow in my backyard and my poor pets. They have had a hard time with the snow. And Indiana hasn't gotten the kind of snow that has assaulted the east coast. We've had only a small taste of Snowmageddon.

I drew this in Adobe Illustrator CS2


Connie said...

This is good. I like your 'Pollyanna' dog! I've got a sister in Bloomington who has been sending photos of Indiana's snow; not to be sniffed at!

Loni Edwards said...

Nice work, Kevin! Great idea for the prompt!

Yeah, we have a lot of snow here in South Dakota too. 4 inches from one of the top 10 record snowfalls. UGH!