Complete the caption: Santa Jam

This week, I saw a traffic jam on our local freeway. I thought about how this affects the Christmas spirit.

The next thing you know, this image popped into my strange, little mind.

I am using it for the Christian Humor Writers' "Complete the Caption" exercise this week.

You're invited to try your own caption in the comments as well.

Merry Christmas,


Anonymous said...

well... that's hard! I... dunno!
~Tooner~ (you know, the guy that is on the chistian humor writers: Josiah Hamilton)
PS. Ha! I like your profile picture!

Hummie said...

Santa Jam the Sleigh, oh what fun it is to cause a backup on the freeway.

In a Plane
In a Train
In a four lane
Santa Jam I Am

Santa rides real fast and he rides real hard; he's the terror of Reindeer Boulevard.

Help me Santa, Help, help me Santa, Help me Santa, Yeah, Down the Boulevard; We always take my sled because it's never been beat, and we never miss yet with the elves we meet; Santa gets around;

Santa, could you get the one in front to turn off his nose? The traffic is backing up!

Nathan said...

Hi this is Nathan from the christian humor group.
and here's my caption:

The Man in The Car: See son? That's what we need; these reindeers can nip in

Is that a good enough one for you? That is all that I can think of at the