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Cartoon of vampire at dentist office: “Before the dentist sees me, I have to know some things. Can he work without that obnoxious light? Did he have anything with garlic for lunch? And does he respect abnormally large incisors?

At first glance, you may think Stephanie Meyer's "Twilight" series inspired this cartoon. That would be partially true.

Actually, a trip through one of my sketchbooks inspired this one. I was looking through a 1988 sketchbook. I came across a poor, awkward vampire at high school. He was having trouble with the school lunch. His fangs were sensitive to the goop they were serving that day.

It was one of those gags that got cheap laughs in my high school and college newspapers. You can't go wrong dissing the man with the goop.

However, I couldn't use that one today. Instead, my mind wandered to how difficult would all these vampires lives be if they had to live in our world. Would dentists be as feared as Buffy? if anyone would have dentophobia, it would have to be vampires, right?

I drew this in Adobe Illustrator CS2

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