Cartoon: Kitchen Serenade

Webcomic of a mom and boy with guitar. The boy says, "Let me serenade you before you see the mess in the kitchen."

Music can cure the savage mom. Just be sure to sing something she likes. I know, it may hurt your musical sensibilities, but if you're already in trouble, you might as well be flexible.

I drew this in Adobe Illustrator CS3


Jeannine Berube said...

Hi Kevin,
I like your comic. I saw the Creative Common Attribution. I just wanted to double check with you. I'm a music teacher in a public school. I am working with students to create a monthly music-based newspaper. I was looking for comics that are about music AND kid friendly and finally found yours. I was wondering if I could have permission to include this comic into our paper for the month of October? Also, if you have others, and are willing to allow it, I'd love to find more of your work. Thanks!

Kevin Spear said...

Dear Jeannine,

Thank you for checking with me. I do allow my cartoons on the web to be used for noncommercial, education use. you can see more of my cartoons at

Thank you,

Kevin Spear