Cartoon: Dentist appointment

Cartoon: Dentist appointment, originally uploaded by speartoons.

Cartoon of dentis to patient: "You're teeth look great. But it looks like we need to extract your tongue."

My trip to the dentist was okay, but strange thoughts happen when you are in the dentist's chair. My tongue is fine, however.

This works for Illustration Friday. This week's word is, "impatience." It's hard to be patient when a dentist is inserting strange tools in your mouth!

I drew this in Adobe Iluustrator CS3.


Daniel Chaffin said...

Great. I was already afraid of dentists and I was only worried about my teeth.

garydrew01 said...

Recently, more and more people are becoming afraid to dentists. Who wouldn't be? Dentistry and dental services like dental veneer are not painful if anesthetic procedure is applied.